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It’s almost time for one of our favorite fests of the year, Starkbierfest. This is one of the less known bierfests in Munich & we can’t wait to share it with you all! It kicks off on the 12th of March and finishes with our Easter party on the 12th of April.

This tradition started due to a trick of the Paulaner monks at the beginning of the 17th century. During the Lenten season between Ash Wednesday and Easter the monks were not allowed to eat during daytime. To satisfy their hunger, the monks brewed their extra strong and high-calorie fasting beer called Salvator, according to the slogan “Liquida non frangunt ieunum” (liquid does not break fasting).

SO, in celebration of this, we’re serving liquid lunch and dinners in form of our starkbiers (strong beers), why not broaden your bier knowledge even more by trying our Munich sample boards or even book a group of friends in for a biertasting session! Our oompah band will join the celebration every Thursday and Saturday and you might event spot a Monk or 2 around.

Book your table today, and don’t forget, Beer IS Food!




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